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There are many different Plexus Slim reviews on the internet about Plexus Slim and the other Plexus products. There are also reviews about weight loss along with the inches that many people lose while taking the products. I will be giving you a quick review of the Plexus products along with pictures of each of the products.

Plexus Slim Reviews Of The Product Line

Plexus Slim has been described as “The Pink Drink” for weight loss. The Plexus Slim pink powder comes in small packets about 3 inches long by about a 1/2 inch wide. They have a perforated top so they can be easily torn open. Add the powder to 10 to 17 oz of water. Most people use a 16 oz bottle of water minus a couple of ounces. Then shake to mix and drink in the morning. Start off following the directions as explained on the container. Most people drink before 11 am.

Plexus Slim Pink Drink and Accelerator+

Plexus Slim Pink Drink and Accelerator+


Review Of Plexus Accelerator+ is a capsule that can be taken one to two times a day as needed. The Accelerator + speeds up a persons metabolism causing more calories to be burned off. The Accelerator+ is a companion product and should be taken with the Plexus Slim. It is not recommended to take the Accelerator+ by itself or for a long period of time.

Many of the Plexus Slim reviews that I have read give instructions that vary slightly. Some say to take the Accelerator in the morning before eating and some say to take it after eating. Where the confusion comes in is wither you are taking both products, the Slim and Accelerator or you are just drinking the Slim drink by itself. Notice I do not give instructions if you are just taking the Accelerator+ by itself. The reason is clear. The company does not recommend to take the Accelerator by itself so I have to agree with them and tell you the same thing.

The Plexus Slim reviews that I like the most are the ones where people are taking almost all of the Plexus products. I personally take the other two products that can help contribute to weight loss, Bio Cleanse and Pro Bio5. I find the Bio Cleanse makes me regular and keeps me that way. It is a gentle way to cleanse and will not give you the problem of having to run to the bathroom.

Bio Cleanse Detoxifier

Bio Cleanse Detoxifier


ProBio5 Probiotic

Pro Bio5 Probiotic

The Pro Bio5 is an effective probiotic that will balance the good yeast in a persons body.

This Plexus Slim Reviews page was mainly for the two products Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator+. I will go into more details on the rest of the products when you visit the page on Reviews Of Plexus Worldwide Products.

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